Delhi Pollution Or Smog In India And Pakistan: 10 Preventive Measures

As we know that there are a lot of types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution etc. The smog is a type of air pollution. The word ‘Smog’ is a combination of two words ‘Smoke’ and ‘Fog’ and first of all, the term ‘Smog’ was introduced in the 20th century. The people who are at most risks from smog are children, adults who are active outdoors, and the people who are suffering from respiratory diseases. Pakistan and India faced a lot of adverse effects of Smog. If you don’t know how to prevent yourself from adverse effects of smog, then you can get help from experts in assignment writing services. Some preventive measures to get rid of the adverse effects of pollution and smog in India and Pakistan are given below;

1) Drive less

If you are living in the smoggy area, then you should avoid from driving such vehicles that run on gasoline. Its reason is that these vehicles produce nitrogen dioxide and this nitrogen dioxide can increase the effects of smog. Therefore, walking and biking are the alternative solutions of driving in the smoggy areas. 

2) Avoid high VOC products

There is no need to use such products that have a high percentage of VOCs. Its reason is that these VOCs can easily escape into the atmosphere and can increase the effects of smog. You should try to shop green products that don’t contain VOC. 

3) Avoid gas-powered yard equipment

If we talk about the major causes of smog, then we come to know that gasoline emission is one of the main causes of smog. This gasoline emission can be done either from vehicles or other kinds of lawn equipment. Instead of gas-powered yard equipment, we should try to use eco-friendly products that run on electricity. This is an essential measure to prevent the effects of smog. 

4) Be energy efficient at your home

At home, if we use a huge amount of energy, then the possibility of releasing the pollutants in the atmosphere will be increased. As a result, the effects of smog will also be increased. Therefore, we should be energy efficient at home in order to decrease the adverse effects of smog. 

5) Don’t support companies that have poor environmental practices

In Pakistan and India, the people don’t have enough awareness of how to lessen the adverse causes of smog. If you are really interested to take a preventive measure against smog, then you should try to raise awareness of this problem among the people. You should identify those companies that have poor environmental practices and raise a slogan against these companies. 

6) Promote your stance

If you have some knowledge about this critical and awkward situation, then you should try to share your knowledge with the people. This thing is helpful for people to generate such ideas that can easily lessen the adverse effects of smog. 

7) Keep up-to-date

You should try to keep yourself updated from weather forecasts and smog. The best way to get updates about this awkward situation is to visit the Air Quality website. Moreover, DEFRA has also some useful information about smog in different areas. You can also get help from DEFRA. After keeping yourself up-to-date, it will be easy for you to take some preventive measures against smog. 

8) Avoid outdoor exercising

As we know that during the smog, the level of ground ozone is its peak. Therefore, it is not good for us to take exercise in smoggy conditions. Anyhow, the best way to get rid of this awkward situation is to take indoor exercising. 

9) Don’t burn wood or trash

It is observed that the burning of firewood and trash is one of the major causes of air pollution. Therefore, another preventive measure to get rid of smog is to avoid the burn of firewood and trash. The government should take some serious steps against this awkward situation. 

10) Use hand-powered equipment

As we have discussed earlier that the use of hand-powered equipment is the best measure to prevent the adverse effects of smog. On the other hand, if we use gasoline equipment instead of hand-powered equipment, then the ratio of smog in the air will be increased instead of decreasing. 

These are some essential preventive measures that are helpful to everyone to breathe easier. 

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