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Essential Tools That Are Must For Academic Writing

Written By Albert Barkley on Sunday, 26 August 2018 | 06:13

If we talk about the broad definition of an academic writing, then we come to know that any writing style that is adapted to fulfil the requirements of a school, college or university is known as an academic writing. Moreover, the publications and research papers also come into the academic writing. The most important examples of academic writing are essays, assignments, coursework, dissertations, thesis, research papers, conference papers, books, and academic journals etc. If you are not able to write an academic paper, then you can get help from the academic writing services. The most important characteristics of an academic writing are planning, outline, tone, language, point of view, and approach. Here, we will discuss the most essential tools that are must for an academic writing.

1) Grammarly

The Grammarly is known as a king of all the grammar checking tools. It is helpful for the writers to catch a lot of stupid mistakes that are done by them while academic writing. Another advantage of Grammarly is that its extensions are available not only for Chrome but also for MS Word. Its features are also supporting for the Oxford comma. It also performs an excellent role to catch out the preposition mistakes.

2) Pear Notes

To write an academic paper, you will have to prepare notes. Pear Notes is an important app to prepare your notes for academic writing. With the help of this amazing app, you can easily record a conversation and sync your notes. It is also helpful for you to pick a spot in your conversation with the help of Pear Notes.

3) Google Docs

Google Docs is also an essential tool for academic writing for the students. With the help of Google Docs, it is easy for the writers to get offline access to their essential documents, to provide a research tool for the process of conducting various research tasks with the help of Google Docs page, to provide opportunities for the finding and insertion of links, to install add-on and to create a personal dictionary.

4) Ommwriter

To create a monument of your academic paper, you will have to create the distraction-free environment. The Ommwriter is an amazing app that provides a distraction-free environment for the writers.

5) Quora

Quora provides a platform for the people to post a question and find out the best solution to this question from plenty of people. Almost every person will try to provide an answer in a different way and it will be easy for you to get your own point of view. Almost all the expert and best writers have joined Quora in order to find out the best solutions for their academic writing problems.

6) Microsoft Word

As a writer, you will have to use a software for the word processing. For this reason, MS Word is the best choice for you. The most important characteristics of MS Word are an ultimate spell checker tool, an ultimate grammar checker tool, ultimate benefit if mail merging, find and replace icons, insertion of watermarks, insertion of footer and header, and the usage of a hyperlink in a strategic way.

These are the most important tools of academic writing for the writers.

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