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Rules to follow in writing a summary in an argumentative essay

Written By Albert Barkley on Saturday, 3 February 2018 | 01:43

Writing an effective argument essay you need to consider and include elements that influences readers to read things from your perspective. Most of the time, an argumentative essay contains headings of Introduction, argumentation development, confronting opponent arguments and conclusion. Summary of essay is required as an alternative of conclusion or to sum up the main points of a long argumentative essay that just includes the point of conclusion but also the basics of arguments. Summary of essay must include the briefing of topic with balanced assessment, evidence and influencing statements.
First step of writing an argumentative essay is to choose topic of your choice the list of topics may be given by your course advisor but you have to choose the one. So once you have chosen the topic next step is to research the arguments of specialist in favour and opponent point of view. Main focus of writer should be on both perspective of the topic including the favours and the opponents. You need to include strong arguments for both sides in order to come up with an unbiased conclusive statement. This is how you choose points to add in essay and follow five paragraph approaches for an optimum or normal word length essay. Further these are the points need to be consciously considered while summing up the whole essay into a summary;

Include main points of gathers evidences:You might be writing a summary for the front page of essay or as a conclusion but in both situations you have already researched the topic and have gathered some strong evidences. So start summary with the introduction of topic that must be briefed with the strong arguments of both sides. Keep it in your mind that argumentation involves proving your ideas with strong evidences without being biased and emotional. So keep your tone polite, unbiased and supportive at the same time so the reader can get the idea of essay without being biased about the points or the author.

Include main points of arguments from the favour side of topic:Include gathered evidences in a way that reflects that which side of topic you are favouring and which one is the opponent. State the favouring argument in one or a few statements with a clear and concise picture of your point about the topic with strong evidence from the literature or professionals.

Consider the strong opponent point to defend favour point:Including a strong evidence for the opponent point in your essay summary will reflect your professional analytical skills that will encourage reader to assess your point without being biased. Opponent strong evidence will lead to an unbiased conclusive statement and depicts the strength of your point as well as you have proved your point by defending even the strong evidences.

Write a clear and unbiased conclusion: This is the main purpose of summary of essay that you have to conclude essay by describing the whole story in a few short form. Write conclusive statement that proves right or favours your argument with an unbiased approach.

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